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Geotechnical instruments and structural health monitoring

Sisgeo specializes in design, manufacture and installation of high-precision measuring instruments
for civil and geotechnical engineering applications.

Sisgeo, European and World leader in designing, production and installation of civil and geotechnical instruments, from more than 40 years gives support and technical proposal for the following projects:

Landslide monitoring

Landslides are monitored following different parameters like landslide type, layers type, displacement speed, etc... The most utilized geotechnical instruments for this purpose are the inclinometer casings (or inclinometer tubes) able to control horizontal movement into the ground. Inclinometer casing can be read with portable inclinometer system or with IPI probes (In-Place Inclinometer probes); IPI, if connected to a datalogger with a data transmission interface, can work as an alerting system. Many other geological instruments are available for slope monitoring purposes.

Structural monitoring and historical building monitoring

Structural and historical building are monitored for a various number of meanings, meanly for nearby excavation, construction of tunnel under their foundations, landslide that act near or under the building, etc... In structural monitoring the main parameters to control are the inclination/displacement of the vertical structure, settlement of foundations, cracks opening and stress on main support parts. Sisgeo, thanks to the advanced technology of its geotechnical instrumentations and structural instrumentation, can give the right monitoring solution, from the most modern skyscraper to the most ancient historical building, as already did for Moscow skyscrapers and for Rome Colosseum, Milan Dom and Santa Sofia Istanbul Mosque.

Dams monitoring

Planning a performance monitoring program is an essential component of successful dam construction and operation. Dam monitoring is recommended to ensure the safety of a dam. Geotechnical instrumentation is used to determine the initial conditions at dam site; monitoring during construction, initial filling and drawdown; and assist long-term monitoring. One of the main geotechnical instrument in dam monitoring are the piezometers for either water level control, pore pressure monitoring, water flow control in earth fill dams, up-lift pressure, etc...

Tunnel monitoring and underground works monitoring

Tunnel monitoring is usually divided in three parts: entrance monitoring, tunnel excavation monitoring, surface monitoring (for tunnel with low coverage). The most complex tunnel monitoring systems are the ones used for the new metro line: the system must have to guarantee the safety of both excavation works and surface building integrity. All the geotechnical instruments can be grouped and connected to a datalogger that can push the data on the web for real time monitoring.

Bridge monitoring and viaduct monitoring

Bridge and viaduct are mainly monitored in the areas of bearings, pile foundations and deck. The most applied geological instruments are settlement gauges to control pile and bearing vertical displacement, piezometers to control pore pressures and water table levels. Structural monitoring instruments can be also applied, i.e. tiltmeters to control inclination and VW strain gauges (arc-weldable or embedding) to control stress and strain in the main structures.









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