T-1000 Telependulum

T-1000 Telependulum was designed to take automatic readings of the coordinates of pendulum’s plumb line.

Thanks to the new optical technology, without any moving part, it allows very high accuracy and resolution, wide measuring range and the possibility to measure plumb lines with different diameters.

T-1000 can be settled and read locally with dedicated mobile APP through Bluetooth connection, or can be integrated into automatic data acquisition system network through RS485 or 4-20mA output. 

T-1000 is supplied with Calibration Report.

Within the APP a tool is dedicated to check possible damages to the instrument’s functionality and calibration after its delivery.


 • Arch Dams

• Concrete Dams

• Skyscrapers

• Slender Structures

• Bell Towers and minarets

• Nuclear Power Plants Cooling Towers

• Elevator Shafts

• Deep Excavation Shafts