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New Mode for Archimede and New Leonardo Readout Unit



Sisgeo is proud to announce the firmware update of Archimede and New Leonardo portable dataloggers and of Smart Manager and Smart Export Software, making them compatible with all existing and future digital instruments developed by SISGEO


[ Viernes, 06 Marzo 2020 ]

The FW 0.7.0 update includes:

For New Leonardo:
• Implemented compatibility with the new Modbus RTU protocol (rev. 3) of Sisgeo digitized instruments.
In addition to the digital instruments already compatible with newLeonarado (IPI, BHp, tiltmeters, RDS, H-LEVEL) also the new digital instruments developed by SISGEO (DEX, DEX-S, mexid, load cells, thermometric chain, etc.) are now compatible with the newLeonardo unit;

For Archimede:
• Added the possibility of reading the T-REX probes and digital Spiralometer;

For both units:
• Added the possibility to auto-configure the instruments (by uploading Serial number and type);
• Added the function of increasing / decreasing decimals in reading;
• Update of instruments libraries;
• Improvement of stability.

The update to versions of Smart Manager and Smart Export provides:
• Activation of data export from instruments configured in New mode;
• Label update and instruments library.