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We Wish You a Merry Christmas and happy New Year 2019!

[ Jueves, 20 Diciembre 2018 ]

Also this year SISGEO decided to donate to charity the budget that is generally used for Christmas presents.
This year SISGEO chose to donate to Committee Maria Letizia Verga, for the study and treatment of child leukemia; founded in 1979, brings together parents, friends and health professionals with the aim of offering children suffering from leukemia in care at the Pediatric Clinic of the Milano Bicocca University, the adequate medical and psycho-social assistance in order to guarantee them the highest chances of recovery and the best quality life. All this on the basis of an alliance between doctors, health workers, parents and volunteers.

Sisgeo wishes you beautiful Christmas and happy New Year 2019!


Offical site Comitato Maria Letizia Verga