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Cables, accesorios y software

FAQ#088 - Which is the IP protection class of Sisgeo junction boxes?

Sisgeo junction boxes have IP67 protection.
The IP class is granted if the cable glands are correctly tight and the cover is mounted respecting the right key position, as for the following pictures:

01 Junction box Sisgeo


02 Junction box Sisgeo


03 Junction box Sisgeo


FAQ#077 - Which are the maximum cable lengths from instrument to datalogger?



The cable lengths depend from many factors, first of all installation and cable protections (screen, earth, etc...). Assuming that instruments are installed in a workmanlike, for the maximum cable lengths should be followed the next suggestions:


ANALOGUE INSTRUMENTS: see both documents:

Cable length guide line with internal multiplexers
Cable length guide line with external multiplexers