MIND app

MIND is the new Sisgeo app developed to manage MIND readout, in order to have a quick and handy interface with geotechnical and structural instrumentation.
MIND has 4 main menu: configure, read, browse readings and back-up. It also has a “quick measure” button that permits to read analog and digital instruments with few taps.
MIND can produce real-time plots of connected instrument during the reading or plots of the selected readings during the browsing.
In the main reading page of a vibrating wire sensor, a dedicated button can be selected in order to display the plot of the vibrating wire sensor signal’s spectrum.
In the plot page are also displayed the peak values as amplitude (mV) and related frequency (Hz).
Data sharing is very simple: select the reading, select the sharing method and go.
Data are shared and saved as common csv data file in order to be easily managed from any system. 

DOWNLOAD THE APP: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sisgeo.MIND





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MIND - The new Sisgeo portable multichannel readout unit
MIND - The new Sisgeo portable multichannel readout unit