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Center for Monitoring of impact of infrastructures on environment, Bucharest - Romania

UTCB – Universitatea Tehnica Constructii din Bucuresti

| Paìs: Romania | Ubicación: Bucharest | Comienzo: 2015 | Fin: 2015
  • Under EU financing, a Center for monitoring of impact of infrastructure on environment has been created within Technical University of Bucharest.
    The project was developed though an International Tender which was awarded to SISGEO. The aim was to provide Technical University with comprehensive list of geotechnical equipment, in order to allow University specialist to deal with different existing and upcoming monitoring projects in Romania.

    Besides the supply, one week training on utilization of different kind of instruments was performed at University facilities.

    The Client has been also provided with one year licence of WMS Software for data management.

    After completion of the project, a Conference was organized in Bucharest in order to inform Romanian geotechnical community about new potentiality of Bucharest Technical University.