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Lakhta Center, Saint Petersburg - Russia

GPIKO Ltd, Renaissance Construction Company

| Paìs: Russian Federation | Ubicación: Saint Petersburg | Comienzo: 2012 | Fin: 2018
  • From the official Lakhta Center web site:

    Lakhta Center is a large scale project of the construction of a modern business center in Primorsky district of Saint Petersburg exercising a wide range of public functions with a developed public and transport infrastructure. Lakhta Center is implemented as a pilot project of an integrated development of the area and the construction of a mini city on the outskirts of Saint Petersburg, a sustainable district for life and work. The headquarters of Gazprom Neft and other Gazprom Group companies will be the center of the cluster in Primorsky district to be surrounded by business enterprises.

    The project will include a super tall skyscraper of 462 meter.
    More than 1100 vibrating wire strain gauges were embedded in the foundations that were concreted continuously in round-the-clock mode.


    Many Sisgeo instruments have been installed, please read the full article to discover them in detail: