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Hongsa Mine Mouth Power Project and Nam Louk Dam - Laos

Geotechnical & Foundation Engineering Co., Ltd.

| Paìs: Thailand | Ubicación: Lao PDR | Comienzo: 2015 | Fin: 2017
  • The Hongsa Mine Mouth power project is the first and the biggest lignite-fired power plant to be developed in Lao PDR.
    The project is placed in Hongsa and Muang Nguen Districts of Xayaboury Province, Lao.
    The plant will be located on a 76.4km² concession area, which is leased for a period of 25 years.
    It will comprise a lignite-fired power plant, a lignite mine, a limestone mine and associated supporting infrastructure.
    The plant will feature three 626 MW generating units producing a gross output of 1,878MW and a net available-for-sale power output of 1,653MW.
    The plant is estimated to use approximately 14.3 million tonnes (Mt) of lignite a year, which will be sourced from the nearby Hongsa Mine.