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Actualités Techniques

Actualités Techniques | mercredi, 25 avril 2018

New ABS "Easy Lock" inclinometer casing

More simple, faster installation

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Actualités Techniques | lundi, 05 mars 2018

WR LOG Wireless Datalogging System

We’re pleased to present SISGEO WR LOG: a cutting-edge wireless datalogging system

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Actualités Techniques | mercredi, 25 janvier 2017

New Modbus protocol - FW version 2.3

Issued new manual rev.4

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Actualités Techniques | mercredi, 14 décembre 2016

SISGEO, in cooperation with the Balkan distributor LANS wGH, started to provide equipment for 12 km water supply tunnel in HPP Dabar.

The Client is Jaroslav Cerni institute which will take care about installation of monitoring system

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Actualités Techniques | jeudi, 01 septembre 2016

Sisgeo new software version for our portable dataloggers

Ver. Smart Manager Suite and ver. 0.6.0 of firmware for Galileo, Archimede e newLeonardo

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