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The new Sisgeo BH-Profile: designed for the highest performances

[ vendredi, 19 avril 2019 ]

The New Sisgeo BH-Profile, Borehole Profile Inclinometer, is the perfect solution for the highest performances in remote monitoring of casings deformed by active soil movements.

BH-Profile chains allow the most stable readings and the most accurate results thanks to their renewed design, coming from many years of experience with inclinometer measurements.

The BH-Profile chain consists of a number of MEMS IPI probes with carbon fibre extension rods that grant light strings and simplify the installation procedures.

Thanks to the digital RS-485 Modbus Protocol signal output, they can be connected to each other with one single signal cable to OMNIAlog datalogger or WR-Log wireless system for remote data management.


Main Applications:

- foundations, diaphragm and retaining walls;

- landslides and slope stability;

- dams, embankments and open pit quarry;

- tunnels and deep excavations.