Sisgeo welcomes Mr. Nicolas Poitrineau

[ Giovedì, 11 Gennaio 2018 ]

We are pleased to announce that Mr. Nicolas Poitrineau has recently joined SISGEO group as Managing Director of the newly created SISGEO France branch office.
Graduated in hydraulics, civil and geotechnics engineering, Nicolas begins his career in France in 2000 to then move on the Amsterdam (NL) metro project construction in 2001 and takes over the position of Project Manager until 2005.
In 2005, Nicolas joins SNCF (French railways) at the regional engineering office in Lyon (France) as co-manager of the office in charge of developing the activities for the topographic and structural monitoring with implementation of several new innovative techniques (Lidar, GRP, etc.). After 2 years, Nicolas returns to SOLDATA to manage Central & Eastern Europe region based in Budapest (Hungary) where the metro line 4 construction project is on-going. He develops the activity and opens several branches across the region (Ukraine, Poland, Romania) working on various projects (dams, mines, heritage buildings, new building construction projects, etc). In 2012, Nicolas moves to Bucharest (Romania) in order to start the new metro line 5 construction project. He manages the region until 2015 before moving to Doha (Qatar) cumulating South-East Europe & Middle East regional management. Early 2017, he opens the Israeli branch to start working on the Tel Aviv metro project.
Then, he moves back to his home country as Deputy General Manager of SIXENSE Soldata to mainly work on the Grand Paris Express project.
Based on this large international experience in Instrumentation and Monitoring, Nicolas brings to SISGEO a valuable experience in fields as varied as the instrumentation of historical monuments, tunnels, dams and mines.