Sisgeo Group commissioned Sogamoso HPP monitoring system

[ Venerdì, 01 Maggio 2015 ]

Sisgeo Group, through its Colombian Company "Monitoriza S.A.S.", has commisioned the monitoring system of Sogamoso HPP, one of the Colombia's four major HPP.
Sogamoso HPP has been officially inaugurated with the presence of the President of the Republic Juan Manuel Santos Calderón, the general manager of ISAGEN (the Client) Luis Fernando Rico Pinzón, and Salini Impregilo management (the Construction Company).
ISAGEN and Salini-Impregilo congratulate with Monitoriza for the excellent work done: installation of hundreds of instruments in 5 years with a total instruments failure less than 1%.
Salini-Impregilo issued to Sisgeo Group the "monitoring system performance certificate" that can be viewed by click on the "document" icon.
For more information on the project, click on the link "Related project".




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