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WR LOG Wireless Datalogging System

We’re pleased to present SISGEO WR LOG: a cutting-edge wireless datalogging system

[ Monday, 05 March 2018 ]

Main advantages of WR LOG system are:

- Battery powered long-life dataloggers (nodes);
- User-friendly Android app for network management (included);
- Cost-effective solution in case of distributed network of instruments;
- Long-range radio communication between the dataloggers (nodes) and the gateway;
- Suitable for large variety of applications (mines, dams, landslides, urban surroundings, etc.)
- Compatibility with a wide range of SISGEO sensors such as vibrating wire, 4-20mA, Wheatstone bridges, PT-100 and digital RS485 inclinometers

Thanks to WR LOG and OMNIA systems, SISGEO offers now a complete range of solutions for datalogging.

More information regarding WR LOG are available in our dedicated product page.
For any question regarding WR LOG system, please fill the form at this link.