T-REX Incremental Extensometer

Reference products codes: T-REX, REX45, S2RCS, CDL300, KLION

T-REX, a double-point probe extensometer, has been designed by Sisgeo for incremental measurements along the axis of inclinometer casing equipped with targets.
T-REX system is mainly composed by the BRAIN APP compatible with Android and iOS mobile operative systems (device not supplied by SISGEO), digital T-REX probe, and bluetooth reel with control cable.
The electronic readout is integrated in the reel and the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) wireless protocol permits a fast and safe communication with the management device with a very low batteries’ consumption.
The intuitive B.R.A.IN APP allows the user to manage the extensometer surveys and immediatelly share the readings with the most popular APP installed on the device (i.e. email, Dropbox, Whatsapp, Google DRIVE, OneDrive, iCloud Drive etc.)
Survey could be then imported in KLION software for data analysis and export professional and customizable reports.