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Easy lock ABS inclinometer casings

Reference products codes: S143

The easy-lock inclinometer casing is a grooved tube machined at one end in order to have a self-aligning junction and a pre-assembled coupling at the other end.
The special design of the coupling with an internal O-ring provide waterproof joint and nearly flush surface between tube and coupling.
The locking system is extremely simple, performant and cost-effective: the coupling contains a hole alligned with a groove of the next casing. A nylon wire is pushed throug the hole in the groove, covering the circumference of the casing. That’s it: no need of rivets or glue.

Main features:

• Nearly-flush joint
• Negligible twisting (spiral)
• Suitable for T-REX and DEX extenso-inclinometer columns
• Inert to the aggressive waters (acid waters, brackish or marine waters)
• Suitable for all inclinometer systems in the market



More simple, faster installation
Wednesday, 25 April 2018