MD-Profile system

MD-Profile gauges are designed to be placed within internally flush pipes.

The system is suitable for geotechnical and structural applications, for which vertical or horizontal accurate profiling is needed.

Its unique patent-pending centering device allows to keep the orientation of the whole chain in the middle of the tube and to avoid unwanted movements between one gage and the previous and/or the following gage.

The MD-Profile system has been developed in collaboration with Parma University which tested the system’s high accuracy and long-term stability (under repeatability conditions).

• Retaining walls / Slurry walls
• Tunneling
• Bridges
• Concrete Dams
• Highrise
• Embankments




The first Sisgeo solution for grooveless tubes
Tuesday, 04 May 2021
5–8 October 2022, RheinMain CongressCenter - Wiesbaden, Germany
Thursday, 15 September 2022