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MEMS Analogue Tilt Meters

Reference products codes: S541MA, S542MA, S521MA, S522MA, S531SV, S532SV

The measurement of inclinations is essential for the control and security of structures in elevation, both during the construction phase than in operation.

Thanks to the new MEMS self-compensated sensor or the force-balanced servo-accelerometer sensors, Sisgeo tilt meters ensure high accuracy and negligible dependence on thermal factors.

They can be read locally using a portable readout (i.e. CRD-400) or centralized with a datalogger for remote monitoring (i.e miniOMNIAlog).

MEMS tiltmeters are also available with IP68 enclosure for underwater installation.


  • Monitoring of inclination changes due to civil or industrial activities
  • Retaining walls and diaphragms movements
  • Monitoring of buildings damaged from earthquake
  • Small dimensions for a lower visual impact on monuments and historical buildings





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