A.I.D.A. IoT Platform – Artificial Intelligence Data Analysis

Reference products codes: WMS

A.I.D.A. IoT Platform – Artificial Intelligence Data Analysis, is a web application developed by Field Company (part of SISGEO Group) for the management of geotechnical and structural automated data from static, dynamic, topographical monitoring systems with the option to import and manage manual measurements collected with portable readouts.

Through the online platform application, the data are available, both in graphic and tabular format, on any devices connected to the Internet.

The system is fully automatic and allows the Customers to view updated information 24h/365 days a year.

The charts are fully dynamic and customizable by the User, and it is possible to download data in spread sheet format. WMS permits to view the information coming from the instruments using interactive synoptic maps.

For the security of the monitoring site it’s possible to set different type of alarm thresholds and configure the way the users shall be alerted.

For further information, visit: https://aidaiot.fieldsrl.it/