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El Quimbo Hydroelectric project - Colombia

Impregilo - OHL

| Country: Colombia | Start: 2011
  • Impregilo is realising in Colombia the hydroelectric power plant of El Quimbo on Magdalena river (in Huila region), on behalf of EMGESA, that is the biggest electric company of the country.

    The agreement is worth about 250ml of euro. The power plant will have an installed capacity of 400MW. The project includes the building of a main dam 150mt high andh 635mt long and of a secondary dam 66mt high and 410mt long.

    Main characteristics:
    concrete 205.000 m3
    open-air diggind out 3.800.000 m3
    subterrean digging out 460.000 m3
    embankments 12.000.000 m3
    scaffold iron 15.000 ton