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Mazar hydroelectric project, Ecuador

Asociacion Constructora Mazar

| Country: Ecuador | Location: Quito | Start: 2006 | End: 2009
  • The Mazar hydroelectric power plant site is located in the south-eastern part of Ecuador and consists of the 2nd phase of the exploitation of the potential energy of the middle course of the Río Paute.

    The Mazar hydroelectric power project will be constructed immediately upstream of the Amaluza reservoir and will have a capacity of 194 MW.

    The Mazar reservoir will permit better regulation of the Paute river floods, granting an additional power increase to the operating Molino power house; in addition, sediments transported by the river floods will be deposited in the reservoir therefore extending the life duration of the Amaluza reservoir, constructed during the 1st phase of the project.