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Mollasadra Dam - Iran


| Country: Iran | Location: Molasadra | Start: 2004 | End: 2008

    Project Name: Mollasadra Dam
    Purpose of the project: Agricultural & Energy production
    Project location: IRAN – FARS
    Client: FARS Regional Water Authority
    Contractor: Melli Sakhteman. Co
    Dam Type: Earth Fill Dam With Clay Core
    Height above foundation: 72 m
    Crest level (above sea level): 2122 (m)
    Crest length: 630 m
    Capacity of the Reservoir: 440,000,000 m3
    End of construction January: 2006


    The installation started during may 2004 and according to the dam construction schedule was terminated on construction underway
    V.W. Piezometers No. 14 (Sisgeo models PK45S)
    V.W. Pore pressure transducers No. 33 (Sisgeo model PK45A)
    V.W. Earth pressure cells No. 42 (Sisgeo model L143D)
    Inclinometer-settlement casings No. 8 (Sisgeo S141 flush coupled ABS casing)
    Magnet rings No. 140 (Sisgeo model S131AF60000)
    Inclinometer probe with portable readout unit No. 1 (Sisgeo model S242SV30)
    Reservoir water level pressure transducers No. 1 (Sisgeo model P252R)
    V-notch weir for seepage monitoring No. 5 (Sisgeo model QV45LS)
    Staff gauges 70 meters
    ADK-10 Automatic Data Acquisition System No. 1 cabinet (Sisgeo model ADK10CAB) with no. 5 multiplexers ( no. 160 channels)
    Casagrande piezometers No. 20 (Sisgeo model P101)
    Bench marks No. 30
    Accelerographs No. 3

    Courtesy of FARS Regional Water Authority