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Enlace Caracas - Charallave, Venezuela


| Country: Venezuela | Location: Caracas – Charallave | Start: 1998
  • The double track electrified railway line Caracas – Cúa Section is only the first phase of the Railway Transport System Railway Transport System of the Central Region connecting Caracas, the Tuy Valley and the Valleys of Aragua, Valencia and Puerto Cabello.

    This first phase rail line starts at Coche, southerly to Caracas, where a new multipurpose interchange railway station will be constructed; this included a rail station, the Mercado subway station on line 3 and the Western station for urban and interurban transports.

    Starting from this junction the 41.4km long railway line extends towards the Tuy Valley, crosses mountainous zones with 24 tunnels (overall length 20.1km), the fairly flat terrain with 13km of embankments (earthmoving works total volume 4,500,000m³) and 28 bridges and viaducts (total length of 8.3km), therefore permitting a fast trouble-free route.